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MotorCo: Advanced, American-Made Electric Motors

Chris Marot is a familiar face around Groundswell Startups and no stranger to growing new businesses. An entrepreneur with specialized experience, he has started MotorCo Electric, a company that is creating modern, efficient and domestically-sourced electric motors. During his time in the United States Army, Chris learned there is a substantial demand for better electric motors, especially with a new national mandate to move away from electric motors, permanent magnets and rare Earth materials that are produced overseas. With a clear market need, Chris teamed up with Groundswell Member Andrew Katrina, Groundswell Founder John Vecchio and Scott Hrastar MotorCo began.



MotorCo’s American-Made Motors

MotorCo Electric is in the process of developing electric motors with advanced capabilities, both in the motor itself and the electrics that control them. The team is currently working on two types of motors:

  1. A permanent magnet design that uses next-generation magnets built by an industry partner. These materials lead to a 30% increase in efficiency. 
  2. A magnet-less design that uses no rare Earth materials, such as Neodymium or Samarium. That means the product is more affordable. 



MotorCo motors are also set apart by the cutting-edge technology it employs. Advanced controls are deterministic, offering precision control, monitoring and increased efficiency--  all achieved through machine learning and Artificial Intelligence. The result? Motors run cooler and longer with higher reliability and efficiency. 





Chris says they went into the motor design with no preconceived notions, making their approach unique and open-minded. It allowed room to explore where advancements could be made while addressing the areas of opportunity within the U.S. market. MotorCo is currently the only motor that uses the “continuous” magnet in their permanent magnet design.  Plus, all motors are 100% sourced and manufactured in the United States.  

“Our manufacturing goal is to go from design to functional and testable motors in two weeks using software automation, additive manufacturing and agile design processes.” - Chris Marot


What Chris enjoys the most about his job is the opportunity to create something from nothing. The challenge isn’t lost on him, though. As he says, coming up with an idea, building the team, forming the company, hiring employees and building the marketing and sales channels takes hard work. But the reward is watching your business start as nothing but an idea, and watching it gain momentum until it eventually has life of its own.  



The Impact of Groundswell Startups


Groundswell Startups has provided “a perfect breeding ground for great ideas” for Chris and his team. He continues, “the benefit is that you have the energy of entrepreneurs, coupled with experts in technology, and mentors who have ‘been there, done that.’  It’s a huge advantage.” Looking forward to the next few months, MotorCo Electrics is prioritizing both product and business development. Soon, the first articles will be produced and tested so they can evaluate and validate their design, analysis and simulation. They are also working to develop their sales channels so that they can effectively market their motors to those audiences. Chris says, “along the way, we hope to grow the team and make our Groundswell community proud!”


To learn more about MotorCo, Chris, and their work please visit:


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