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CEO of Futurus, Annie Eaton, Visits Groundswell Startups

Aug 23, 2022 1:33:58 PM / by Jarin Eisenberg

Virtual reality, augmented reality, the metaverse - these technologies are becoming ever more present in our everyday lexicon.  For Annie Eaton, CEO of Futurus an Atlanta-based software development company, these are tools she has been using to bring immersive content experiences to businesses throughout the country. Specializing in game development and micro-location enabled devices that pinpoint locations without using a GPS, Eaton is considered a pioneer in the industry. 


Set to visit Groundswell Startups on Thursday, October 20th at 5:30 PM, Eaton will share the latest trends in augmented and virtual reality, how she bootstrapped her tech company and best practices for building an innovative culture in the workplace. 


Annie_FL Today_1


In addition to leading Futurus, Eaton is also the Executive Producer of Amebous Labs, a virtual reality-focused game studio. A graduate of Georgia Tech, Eaton is deeply connected to the Atlanta technology community managing XR Atlanta, a local organization that now boasts over 1,500 members, and serving as an advisor for virtual reality hardware startup, Unlocked Reality.


Eaton is a powerhouse CEO and in an industry that tends to be male-dominated, her leadership is a dynamic example of the role women in technology are playing in shaping the future.

The event kicks off at 5:30 PM with networking, brews, and bites - there is no cost to attend and this event is open to the public. You can register here.


Thank You to the Melbourne-Orlando International Airport for supporting this event!






Jarin Eisenberg

Written by Jarin Eisenberg

COO of Groundswell Startups.

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