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It has been a great month for Groundswell and our companies! Over the past three months, we've seen a lot of growth in our co-working space with new members bringing skills and resources that are essential to fostering a vibrant startup ecosystem. Within our network of coworkers we have videographers, graphic designers, engineering services, business development specialists, website developers, coders, and more - we look forward to showcasing the collaborations among our companies in the upcoming months. 

Thanks to our friends at Cromulence & Vector 35, we hosted our first Tech Trivia night this February with over 10 teams competing for the top prize and bragging rights. We are also proud to share recent spotlights from the Orlando Business Journal on our incubator expansion and the work of  Tomahawk Robotics

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Jarin Eisenberg, Chief Operating Officer


Groundswell Company Updates



Safe Zone Gunfire Detection units are about to be in the hands of customers as the company prepares for their first shipment of products. Safe Zone combines state-of-the-art detection hardware with leading edge machine learning capabilities to create the world’s most sophisticated and reliable gunfire detection system ever brought to market. The system’s small inconspicuous sensors are designed to be quickly and easily installed throughout any facility to provide 24/7 active site-wide monitoring. When gunfire occurs, Safe Zone alerts on-site security, building occupants and local authorities within seconds and provides detailed information that includes number of shots fired, type of weapon — and a map tracking the shooter’s location and movement.

 Safe Zone has called Groundswell home over a year now. "
During our early fundraising attempts Groundswell's mentors helped us refine our message and get to a solid 7 minute pitch that ultimately led to being funded. After getting our product into production Groundswell was able to introduce us to key people in the local community. Through those connections we've built a great network of friends and test sites for our system and we've even made a few hires. Groundswell is full of incredible people and incredible opportunity for all who are willing to seek it." -John Anderson, CTO/Founder Safe Zone 


Alertgy's noninvasive real-time blood-glucose monitoring and alert system continues to make waves in the medical device industry. Most recently, Alertgy received the Best Imaging Technology Award at the SEMI MEMS & Imaging Sensors Summit. Alertgy uses dielectric materials and signal processing/extraction to detect unique chemical signatures related to blood glucose levels. The sensor can be incorporated into smartwatches and other wrist-worn wearables, eliminating the need for implanted sensors, patches or devices that use fluid transfers and other invasive measures. According to the Diabetes Research Institute, over 34 million people have diabetes in the United States. Alertgy's technology will revolutionize how people measure blood sugar by not only making it pain free, but also reducing costs by eliminating the need for strips and other supplies and by using data to help patients better understand how to control their blood sugar and relaying data to the patient's health care provider.

Alertgy has been part of the Groundswell community since 2017. "Alertgy is proud to be a member of such a fantastic incubator, which has given us many opportunities to grow our business throughout the Space Coast and further!" -CEO/Founder, Marc Rippen



What happens after you hit send? Slydeck can help you find you out!
Slydeck provides proposal tracking software that offers unprecedented insights into what happens after you hit send. Countless hours are spent working with prospects and creating proposals that may never yield results. Slydeck delivers key insights, such as when your proposal gets viewed, how much time prospects spend on each page and with whom they share the file.  Your recipients will have a unique client experience, while you stay informed of their interest thereby allowing you to focus your time on closing the deal.

Founder/CEO of Slydeck, Andy Quintana, is no stranger to the sales industry. Having worked at IBM for 14 years, he knows the amount of work that goes into creating proposals. As a long-time mentor at Groundswell, Quintana is now a mentee and has used Groundswell's network to help establish Slydeck. Quintana has found that being around others who are facing similiar obstacles has been a key support system as he builds the company "The ecosystem that Groundswell has produced is unmatched in my opinion. There are individuals and companies with different products, at different stages and in need of different help.  The biggest impression I take from Groundswell is the fact that everybody in that building is willing to help in some way." - Andy Quintana 

How valuable is one more deal to you? - Join Slydeck for free and find out!



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