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Intern + 3D Printer = Problem Solved

Jul 9, 2020 4:08:00 PM / by Jarin Eisenberg

Groundswell Member SwiftPaws was partway through their latest production run when they hit a bit of a snag - the remote controller for their signature product, SwiftPaws Home, needed to be redesigned...and quick!

The SwiftPaws Home controller is key to the interactive game of chase that allows for up to 300 feet of fun at speeds of up to 30 miles per hour, taking backyard play to a whole new level.
What do Founders do when they hit a snag like this? They problem solve, identify the resources around them, and find a way to get it done.

Enter Feyza Boyun, a few 3D printers, lots of resin, and more than a few trials and errors.


"I have always had a curiosity about how things work." 

Feyza is a recent graduate from the Florida Institute of Technology, where she earned her BS in Mechanical Engineering. After her internship was disrupted by the impacts of COVID-19, Florida Tech's Career Center contacted Groundswell Startups to see if there were any opportunities to work with our companies—and the timing could not have worked out better.


Feyza quickly got to work with the 3D printers, testing out different resin properties and setting parameters for curing times and layering heights.

"Failure might not always mean you failedEvery time a print fails, I learn something new about resin and LCD printers."


In addition to working with SwiftPaws, Feyza is also worked with fellow Florida Tech Alum Chris Marot and his company Heka Aero.

"The environment at Groundswell is designed in a way so that you can relax while brainstorming. Groundswell is a place where you can learn something new every day." 
Feyza worked to produce over 300 modified controller parts to support SwiftPaws' production. Feyza's dedication, along with the tools and support from Groundswell Startups, has helped SwiftPaws identify a precise and cost-effective alternative to rapid injection molding, which has allowed them to get out of back order and back to shipping their product to pet owners across the country. 

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Jarin Eisenberg

Written by Jarin Eisenberg

COO of Groundswell Startups.

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