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James Moore Brings Electric Charging Stations to Central Florida

Meet James Moore - A Navy Veteran, a Physician Assistant, and now, a leader in bringing electric charging stations to residents and municipalities throughout Central Florida.


James Moore, Founder of EVPlugz, is featured here in blue with one of their first installations

Growing up in Maryland, James developed a healthy fascination with vehicles and heavy machinery of all kinds due to his father’s job as a heavy equipment mechanic. This interest was satiated during his time in the Navy, during which he was able to work with medical laboratory machinery. It was during this period that James began working as a Hospital Corpsman, a position similar to a medic, garnering multiple medals and commendations as a result of his work as the night shift supervisor.


Upon completing his undergraduate degree, he began practicing in Orthopedic Trauma Surgery at a local hospital in the Level 2 Trauma Center. However, his work was time-intensive and limited his ability to spend time with his children, prompting him to quit and start his own surgical business, First Peak Surgical Assisting, which he successfully ran and managed for six years.


Like for so many of us, the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted James' work and brought new opportunities to light. When a close friend purchased an electric vehicle and needed help installing a personal charging station, James began researching market trends and discovered that though the demand EVs are high, the infrastructure to support these purchases was woefully inadequate. This led to James' 'aha moment' and the creation of EVPlugz.


EVPlugz is the consumer's environmentally conscious solution for rapidly charging your electric vehicle. Since a soft launch in Q4 of 2021, EVPlugz has secured relationships with 16 car dealerships in Brevard County and bridged into commercial development by partnering with Satellite Beach to develop new charging infrastructure as well as replace existing, outdated stations. James plans to continue to provide services that work to accomplish three distinct goals: supporting the development of residential charging infrastructure, beginning to build out commercial infrastructure, and engaging in the construction of infrastructure at residential buildings.


Groundswell Startups has been integral in supporting the development of EVPlugz. From assisting with the transition from a Physician Assistant to an entrepreneur to helping develop a business plan and raise capital, the network of mentors and the Groundswell Startups ecosystem has been a constant source of energy, ideas, and inspiration for James. By combining like-minded, intelligent, and driven individuals within the same walls, Groundswell is able to generate a network effect - the synergistic forces associated with working and learning from people in a shared environment, that has been invaluable to the development and continued growth of EVPlugz.


To learn more about James, EVPlugz, and their mission to make charging stations accessible to everyone please visit:


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