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Meet Our Idea Stage Accelerator Cohort

Jan 15, 2021 10:24:05 AM / by Alaina Cordes

A dynamic partnership between Groundswell Startups and StarterStudio brings the second Idea Stage Accelerator Cohort to Brevard County, kicking off January 27th, 2021. 

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Local start-up companies were invited to apply for this 10-week program which empowers and equips founders and startups with the tools, framework, and mentorship needed to test their ideas. The accelerator, with the support of Groundswell Startups’ mentors and subject matter experts, connects new businesses with vetted-quality resources in their ecosystem that can validate their idea, and help them gather feedback from potential customers, establish a sustainable revenue model and learn how to cohesively speak about their business. The Accelerator uses StarterStudio’s proven, results-driven curriculum along with StarterStudio Mentor and Facilitator, Bob Reed.




Accelerator attendees will learn to discover their potential, take risks, test ideas and take action. Groundswell Startups and StarterStudio are proud to welcome the following founders and their companies to the next Idea Stage Accelerator:


🔋 Community Charge

Community Charge believes every electric vehicle (EV) should have the ability to charge their vehicles at home. They are on a mission to provide EV charging stations in apartments and condominium communities. 


✈️ Lean Aviation Technologies

Aircraft maintenance is a pricey regulatory and safety requirement, and many maintenance organizations are unable to pay for expensive training. The Lean Aviation System will centralize and offer affordable technician training, lean and operational consulting, and a proprietary software system that is user-friendly for inputting necessary data. 

 🖨️ Make-Print

Make-Print seeks to provide more efficient and reliable access to rapid prototyping and custom manufacturing. Through their online platform, those seeking additive manufacturing services can connect with a local, decentralized network of those offering services. 


 🚀 Protodromics, LLC

Protodromics is commercializing a family of thermal management solutions that leverage flight-proven, NASA-patented technology that has successfully been operating aboard the International Space Station since 2017. 


 🌱 SeedRx

SeedRx is seeking to make gardening more accessible for those who have vision or dexterity issues. Using a unique capsule design, SeedRx aims to make the seed capsules marketable as excellent and affordable gifts.


 💼 Simply Best Websites

With remote work becoming more common than ever, Simply Best Websites is creating a portal that will provide an all-encompassing platform to connect remote workers with employers. Covering full-time, part-time, contract jobs and one-off gigs, the portal will be easy to navigate and free of advertisements. It will also provide a forum for users to share insights and hands-on experiences with others.


🍞 SlicedBread

Utilizing vetted backend technology, SlicedBread seeks to simplify the job application process by creating a single hub for job seekers and job listers to come together. Fashioned similarly to an online dating site, applicants and employers alike can filter through profiles to easily apply for jobs, or to find quality, potential employees with a simple swipe of the screen.


 🏘️ Verified Realty Advisors

Building off of 25 years of realty business experience, Verified Realty Advisors is looking to change the way individuals pay for real estate services. The new direction focuses on improving fee efficiency for clients, and creating a new way for real estate agents to monetize their licenses. 

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Alaina Cordes

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