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Mindstamp Takes Grand Prize at Crummer Rollins Venture Competition

Mar 30, 2021 9:49:39 AM / by Jarin Eisenberg

Mindstamp, a Melbourne-based software startup,  took home the $25,000 grand prize this past week from the 2021 Crummer Rollins Venture Plan Competition. The annual Rollins Venture Plan Competition is amongst the most prestigious in Florida. Companies selected as finalists have a track record of success, generating over $55 million in revenue and raising over $36 million in investment capital since the competition started in 2012.


Mindstamp Wins Crummer Rollins Venture Competition

Mindstamp, a leading provider in interactive video solutions, impressed the judges with their well-rounded and experienced team, adoption rates, and their ability to scale in a growing market. Launched in 2019, Mindstamp simplifies the process for users to create personalized video marketing assets, engaging product videos, improved training and onboarding content and more. From clickable buttons, hotspots and images to personalized questions and dynamic navigation, Mindstamp turns new or existing video content into engaging value assets for businesses across industries.

Brett Lindenberg, CEO/Founder of Mindstamp, has been a member of the Groundswell Community since 2020. Having first heard about the competition through the Groundswell network, the Mindstamp team has been able to tap into Groundswell's network of mentors, service providers, and resources to prepare for the competition. With the support of Groundswell members tuning in to cheer Mindstamp on, the company took home the Community Choice Award in addition to the first place $25K grand prize.



"We are honored to be chosen as the winner of the Crummer Rollins Venture Plan Competition! The process of honing your story as a business is both helpful and humbling. I'd like to thank the Groundswell Community for their support, and look forward to using the prize money to continue to deliver the simplest and highest value interactive video solution to our customers" said Lindenberg. 

Brett Lindenberg Mindstamp CEO


"We could not be more proud of Mindstamp, and that they call Groundswell Startups home. I can't wait to see what they do with this opportunity; as a community, we are excited to support them along the next steps of their journey." said Jarin Eisenberg, Chief Operating Officer of Groundswell Startups. The high-tech incubator and coworking space located in Melbourne, FL recently celebrated a tech expansion, with the opening of the brand new 8,500 sq foot Tomahawks Robotics building. Founded in 2016, the incubator has helped over 30 companies raise over 30 million in venture capital funds. Providing free mentor services and low-cost flexible space, Groundswell is a hub for high-tech founders, innovators, and creatives. 

To learn more about Mindstamp, and how you can create engaging, interactive, and personalized video content for your customers please visit:

Jarin Eisenberg

Written by Jarin Eisenberg

COO of Groundswell Startups.

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